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7 Helpful Tips For Church Members Who Struggle to Be Happy

The Struggle To Be Happy

In a church that believes that the Lord asks that we give our all, it can be a struggle to be happy and to deal with what we perceive to be the pressure.

An active member can be expected to attend up to 175 hours of religious services per year. This does not include the time that they will spend going to leadership meetings, attending the temple, going to ward and stake functions or any time that is put towards church callings.

On top of that, we still have to deal with life in general. Life obstacles can be overwhelming, even spiritually handicapping. It gets hard to genuinely smile.

There are a zillion reasons why this could be. We don’t feel supported in our wards. We feel alone at church. We’re not satisfied in our families. We wrestle with doubts. Depression and anxiety seem to rot away all of the good in our worlds. Overall, we’re just not feeling it.

Due to unhappiness, some of us have felt the need for greener pastures. Maybe we’ve even gone searching for whatever that pasture symbolizes. Whatever it is, that search for satisfaction is real and sensitive.

If you have ever struggled with being happy, you are not alone. Here are seven things that will help you.

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