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75 Truths from the Old Testament & Pearl of Great Price


Here’s just the beginning of what you can learn from the books you’ll study in seminary in the coming year.

Remembering our divine nature will help us resist Satan’s temptations.

Moses 1:13

Under Heavenly Father’s direction, Jesus Christ has created worlds without number.

Moses 1:32–33

Jesus Christ was chosen from the beginning.

Moses 4:2

Both the Fall and the Atonement were needed for eternal life.

Moses 5:9–11

Heavenly Father willingly sacrificed His Only Begotten Son for us.

Genesis 22:10–12John 3:16

Repentance changes our behavior and heart.

Genesis 44:16–34

The atoning blood of Jesus Christ can deliver us from death.

Exodus 12:21–23

Look to Christ and be healed.

Numbers 21:8–9Alma 33:19–20

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