8 Simple Tips to Teach a Gospel Lesson to Teens

by | May 09, 2014

Mormon Life

Let’s come right out and say it teaching teenagers about the gospel can seem like a downright impossible task sometimes.

They’re rowdy, and sometimes obnoxious. They tend to only come with one functional volume setting on their vocal chords, and it isn’t “inside voice.” They’re often more interested in and distracted by each other (especially classmates of the opposite sex) than the principles contained in holy scripture. Their brains just don’t work like normal human brains.

Okay, some of that is exaggerated but the struggle of many called to teach young men and young women (and sometimes both) to invite the Spirit into a room that ceases not to resist concepts like “calm” and “thoughtfulness” and “sanity” is real.

Here are some simple tips to get some of your more difficult youth lessons on track, develop an uplifting class environment and maintain it consistently.

1) Get them up and moving around

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