8 Things You Should Tell Your Children Every Day

by | Sep. 14, 2015

Mormon Life

MR says: What we say to our children can have a lasting impact on their self-confidence and on their future. Here are 8 simple things you should try to say to your children regularly to help them build a bright future.

Since we are such great influences on the lives of our children, it is important to encourage them and express our love not only with the words "I love you," but also through our actions and examples.

The majority of children see their parents as great mentors and heroes. It's no wonder that many children, when asked what they want to be when they grow up, report that they wish to go into the same profession as their parents.

Do not miss the many opportunities you have each day to encourage and build your little ones. Make sure they grow up feeling loved and fully capable of pursuing and living their dreams.

Here are eight things you should be saying to your children every day:

Do not give up

Encourage your children to persist even in the face of all the difficulties that may arise in their lives. Remind them not to give up, but to believe. Repeat this phrase whenever you can so your children will always remember the importance of persevering.

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