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8 Powerful Church Videos for Those Experiencing Mental Illness


Research shows that one in four people across the globe will suffer with some sort of mental disorder at one point or another in their lifetime and that 450 million individuals worldwide are currently dealing with such challenges. 

Mental illness is something that is often poorly understood—both in and out of the Church. "Mental health" is a term that can be frequently seen as taboo, something to be avoided. This isn't (or shouldn't) be the case.

It's time to break the stigma of mental health. Yes, it is a real thing. No, it isn't a result of sin or weakness. In addition to having more information regarding the causes and treatments of mental health than in decades past, we have been blessed with resources on how to help those who grapple with mental illness. We have the special blessing and opportunity to reach out to those who need our help, to be understanding, empathetic, loving, and compassionate. In other words, we have the privilege to reach out like our Savior Jesus Christ.

The Church of Jesus Christ has made great strides in the last decade to provide resources for those with mental illnesses and their loved ones, and Church leaders are speaking about it with increased regularity. In this decade, mental illnesses have been talked about and addressed 17 times so far in general conference.

Here are eight useful videos from the Church for those who struggle with mental disorders and their loved ones. It's time to reach out to others and help break the stigma of mental illness.

1. Like a Broken Vessel

2. Anxiety After My Mission

3. Living with Depression 

4. Thru Cloud and Sunshine, Lord, Abide with Me!

5. Choose to Stay

For more videos and other helpful tips on suicide prevention, click here.

6. The Master Healer

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Video Companion
The Master Healer

7. Facing Postpartum Anxiety and OCD

8. Like a Broken Vessel

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Like a Broken Vessel

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