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8 Things Every Divorced Mormon Needs to Know


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Divorce is terrible.

Oh, how I wish there was someone who has walked in our shoes who could speak directly to us and say exactly what we need to hear:

That divorce is terrible, but it happens.

It happens to devoted Mormons and devoted parents. It happens to the wavering and the righteous, the young and the old, to short marriages and long-term marriages. It happens because of agency, because of temptations, because of life.

It happens, and it will, sadly, continue to happen. . . .

Living this new life is an adjustment. Take it day by day, planning ahead no longer feels practical because now you know just how unpredictable it really is.

Here is what I wish I was told:

Stop comparing yourself to others. It’s easy to look out at married couples around you and wonder how many of them are happily married, how many are succeeding at this spouse and parental stuff. How you seem to be the only one who crashed. Don’t. Just don’t. It’s not fair to you and it’s not fair to them.

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