9 Great-Tasting Survival Meals for Your 72-hour Kit

by | Apr. 04, 2014

Mormon Life


So what’cha eatin’ there in your survival kit?

The good news is you can prepare now to have actually good tasting food planned into your survival kit.  Try these recipes, it’s totally possible, believe you me.  And all of a sudden, there’s one less thing to worry about (yay!).  Use them up and make up new meals one weekend just twice a year to rotate them within your 72-hour kit, or make up a whole bunch to use whenever you’re too busy to cook, storing them where they’re easy to grab and go if needed. 

Beyond being easy, these meals are also favorites — not just for survival but for everyday life — which my family continues to love.  Included are two  favorites from Jan Jackson’s book “100 Day Pantry” as well as one recipe kindly shared with me by a reader.  

Add to these a few “just add water” Mountain House meals (or try this brand, which I had reviewed by a bunch of boy scouts) and you’ll have a solid set of meals for your family’s 72 hour/ survival kit.  Also, I reviewed Hormel’s line of Complete meals over in this post, and some of those are very good tasting and very convenient to include in a kit like this.  And while we’re talking about it, why not go with 100% bought off the shelf meals?  You can definitely do that, but it’s really so easy to pull together a survival meal yourself (for less money and a little bit of variety) that you might really be happier making them from a few simple recipes.  You can make very good “more-affordable/ made-with-less-chemicals” 72 hour kit meals.  Go for it!

I’ve tried to keep it simple here in the post, my main goal was that I wanted to round up the important information all in one post so you could easily scan the ingredients you’ll need in getting these meals together.  Each recipe is linked to it’s post, so if there’s a question, just hop on over to see it.

Click through to see each recipe--then go re-make your 72-hour kit with meals you’ll enjoy eating!

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