9 Reasons to Stop Being Afraid of Mormons

As a convert, I still remember how freaked out people were when I told them that I was making this change in my life. They came at me with all kinds of questions and accusations of the church, reasons why they felt I should be scared of the church and all its “secrets”. Now having been a member of this church for 7+ years, I can unequivocally dispel a few of those rumors, and that’s what I’d like to do here today. 

1. We Don’t Think You’re Going to Hell

It’s true, we do believe that our church is the only one that has the whole truth. Most churches do. 

4. The Church Is Not Anti-Feminist

This was a big assumption I faced when I was joining the church. I’m all about the girl power, people, and I don’t think I ever could have become a part of something that made me feel inferior because of my gender.

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