9 Christ-Centered Books to Help Your Kids Learn the True Meaning of Easter

9 Christ-Centered Books to Help Your Kids Learn the True Meaning of Easter

This Easter season is the perfect opportunity to sit down with your kids and read books that teach them about Christ's love and Atonement. These 9 books are perfect resources for helping children of all ages internalize the Savior's infinite gift of grace and redemption.

Discover how the people around Jesus during the week of His Crucifixion and Resurrection can lead your family closer to Christ this Easter season. This children's edition of Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter will guide you through seven meaningful traditions inspired by the people closest to the Savior during His holy week. These simple experiences are not meant to add chores or stress to a reverent holiday season but to offer something different. They will give your family an opportunity to slow down from the candy and egg hunts and instead spend time reflecting on the Savior's ultimate sacrifice and triumphant Resurrection.
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Has your family ever celebrated the triumphal entry of Christ on Palm Sunday? Or learned about Passover and its connection to the Last Supper? Whether you want to create brand-new traditions or add to old favorites, The Holy Week for Latter-day Saint Families has something for everyone to more fully commemorate the last week of the Savior's mortal life.

This day-by-day guide will help you and your family celebrate the week leading up to Easter. Each day you'll find something for children of all ages
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Here is a wonderful way to introduce your little ones to the real meaning of Easter. Beautifully illustrated and written in easy-to-understand, "read-aloud" language, this delightful book recounts important stories such as The Last Supper; The Garden of Gethsemane; Judas; Herod and Pilate; The Burial; and The Resurrection (including Christ's appearance to the Nephites in ancient America). This sturdy board book is an ideal hands-on way for young children to understand why Easter is so special.
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David hates practicing piano. He's frustrated by how hard it is and all the mistakes he makes. With his mom's help, he comes to understand how that's all part of the learning process. She also uses the moment to help David comprehend more about the Atonement: Christ has paid the price so that we can learn and improve. We aren't earning our way to heaven—we're practicing for it, and Christ is willing to help us every step of the way.
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Rediscover the depth, beauty, and simplicity of the Atonement of Jesus Christ with Gethsemane, Jesus Loves Me, featuring Roger and Melanie Hoffman's stirring song of Christ's love for all of us—His brothers and sisters. Enhanced by breathtaking paintings from iconic LDS artists, this book is the perfect teaching resource for helping God's children of all ages internalize the Savior's infinite gift of grace and redemption in a way that's sure to change us forever.
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Laura Logan's warm and engaging illustrations perfectly complement the words to this best-loved Bible song. Whether discovering the song for the first time or singing it for the hundredth time, here children will learn the eternal truth: Jesus loves us all!
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Loved by millions the world over, the art of Greg Olsen evokes emotion, wonder, and peace. In the pages of this touching book, art and inspiring words combine to tell the simple, but true, message — we are all children of God.
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In the pages of this touching book, art and inspiring words combine to tell the simple but true message that our Savior loves us. With moving text from the timeless song, “I Know That My Savior Loves Me” and illustrations from master painter Simon Dewey, this album of art and prose will help children and adults realize just how near our Savior is to us. This lovely book, which also includes the printed music, makes a wonderful gift for all ages.
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With this beautiful board book, children will realize how the Savior loves us and will always watch over us—all we need to do is reach out to Him. With sweet and simple text inspired by Sally DeFord’s timeless song, “If the Savior Stood Beside Me,” and illustrated with paintings by Greg Olsen, this book will help little ones realize just how near the Savior is to us—even when we make mistakes.
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