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9 Hilarious Twitter Responses to President Nelson's 7-Day Social Media Fast Challenge


Whether or not you were tuned into President Nelson's worldwide devotional last night, you probably have already heard the news: the youth are taking a seven-day social media fast. 

And while some above the age of 18 are also taking the challenge, most adults can sit back and enjoy the following week as the youth struggle to stay away from social media. In fact, here are some hilarious tweets from youth and adults alike:

Dealing with my young men after President Nelson invites them to fast from social media for 7 days — Mormonger (@Mormonger) June 4, 2018
"Please hold a 7-day social media fast". Our chapel gasped surprisingly loud. #ldsyouthdevo — Elisa (@Whisktogether) June 4, 2018
President Nelson just asked members of the church to go on a 7 day social media fast. Which is cool and all, but I’m having my baby tomorrow...sooooo who’s gonna like his debut Instagram pic? — Corinne Kinser (@Corinnekin) June 4, 2018
When president Nelson challenges us to do a social media fast the day before I go sky diving (also prayers welcome for this scaredy-cat) — Maci McCleary (@macimaluce32) June 4, 2018
I just spent a week off social media at #ScoutCamp and the day after I get back #PresidentNelson tells us to take a 7 day Fast from it. Well, see you guys in a week! — Grady@ThisMormonLife (@ThisMormonLife) June 4, 2018
Unpopular opinion: it’s not required to announce via social media that you’re taking a week long fast from social media. — Julyn Wnkelman (@JulynWinkelman) June 4, 2018
7 day social media fast. I'll stay on here to make sure no one cheats #LDSYouthDevo — rad Mormon dad Mormon (@ARadicalMormon) June 4, 2018

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