9 Hilariously Epic Moments Every Missionary Will Relate To


Missionary life—most of the time you go through the same routine, maybe a new contact here or there. But, occasionally you stumble on those epic moments when you realize: yes, this is what it means to be a missionary.

We searched through our favorite missionary YouTube videosand scoured the web to create these epic Mormon missionary GIFs that capture the most memorable parts of mission life. 

How many RMs out there can relate? #knowthefeeling

In case you missed it, check out this sweet missionary parody of Adele's "Hello" that went viral.

I'm already tearing up. Way to see a need and make a difference, Elder!

See the full video and learn more behind this touching moment.

Missionaries are moved by the Spirit—and by classic Michael Jackson music apparently! 

When Gustavo (Gus) Garcia posted a video from his mission on his way home from a US Army assignment, he had no idea it would go viral. Find out more about the story behind this video.

Things like this sometimes happen when you haven't seen your mom in two whole years.

See the full video here.

Just a couple of Elders out sharing the gospel and doing what bros do.

Check out the rest of this showdown here.

For all those Simpsons fans out there, real missionaries will be a pleasant surprise compared to this.

Check out these other hilarious Mormon mentions on TV.

This is just too cute to handle. #missionarysbestfriend

See the full welcome home here.

Despite the successes and warm welcomes home, we all remember moments like these.

That's all right, Elder. It'll be better tomorrow. Watch the full video.

And just a little more of missionary streetball. #schooled

See the full video.

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