97-year-old woman with kidney cancer has a dying wish to see the opening of the Pocatello temple next month

When 97-year-old Ida Gigger told her kidney specialist, Dr. Fahim Rahim, that she hoped to live long enough to see the opening of the new Pocatello Idaho Temple, he felt it would take a miracle. Gigger had been diagnosed with kidney cancer and it seemed likely she would pass as a result of the illness.

Rahim set out to make Gigger’s dream come true himself by reaching out to the Church’s local communications director to see if they could arrange for Gigger to visit the construction site. But after two years of construction, the Pocatello Idaho Temple open house will begin on September 18. And Ida Gigger? She plans to be there.

“We’re still a month away and nobody knows what it will bring,” Rahim told the Idaho State Journal, “But really–and I’m saying this as a physician and as a scientist—I think it truly is miraculous what’s happened here. Something wanted her to be here, and I was just an instrument.”

Rahim said he did all he could in terms of treatment but that he believes a higher power was also at work seeking to make Gigger’s dream a reality.

Read more on the Idaho State Journal.

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