A Simple Christmas Story Guaranteed to Bring Tears to Your Eyes

by | Nov. 27, 2015

Mormon Life

MR says: What a sweet example of sacrifice and selflessness, one we can all benefit from at this time of year when comfort and receiving are so prevalent.

In December, my husband and I volunteered to help with a Sub for Santa for a family in our ward, which consisted of a mom and two children. Zeren, the 9-year old boy in the family, is a very special boy. He glows with the Spirit and always contributes positively in whatever class or activity he is attending.

While making some phone calls to determine the needs of the family, my husband, Dave, learned that they also needed a Christmas tree.

Dave made arrangements to pick up Zeren the following Monday to go tree hunting. Dave took our grandson, Jaren, and another boy from the ward, all about the same age so Zeren would have some company.

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