Almost a third of General Authority Seventies are first-generation members of the Church. Here are other facts and stats you might not know

by | May 03, 2021

During the April 2021 general conference, eight new General Authority Seventies and 77 new Area Seventies received calls. The 106 General Authority Seventies make up the First and Second Quorum of the Seventies, whereas the Area Seventies make up the other ten quorums.

In a recent article, Church News highlights some things you might not have known about the 106 General Authority Seventies.

• Almost half of the General Authority Seventies—52 of them to be exact—come from 30 different countries and territories outside of the United States. Eighteen General Authority Seventies are originally from South America.

• Of the General Authority Seventies, 32% are first-generation members of the Church.

• In terms of missionary service, 87% served full-time missions and 61% served as mission presidents.

Find more facts and stats about the 106 General Authority Seventies at Church News

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Lead image: Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

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