Apostles as Kids Quiz: Can You Guess the Prophet and Apostles from Their Childhood Photos?

by | Sep. 23, 2017

Mormon Life

Answer: President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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President Uchtdorf was born in the Czech Republic but grew up in Germany. He frequently talks about Harriet, his wife, whom he met in Germany as a youth. "She is loved by all who meet her as she accompanies me in my travels," he said in the 2016 October General Conference. "She has blessed the lives of many people through her love for the gospel and her sparkling personality. She truly is the sunshine of my life."

2. This leader visited widows, he calls bishops of the Church his heroes, and he served a mission in Japan.

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Additional hint: He served in the presiding bishopric for four years before being called as an apostle in 2015.

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