BYU Doing Poor Job Educating Students About Sexual Assault, Survey Finds

While 97 percent of students at BYU felt the school does a good job with student safety, a new survey reveals BYU needs to make a better effort of informing students about sexual assault. These conversations reach much farther than just a university campus, however. How can we better speak out and inform our children about sexual assault? 

A majority of students said BYU is doing a poor job of educating students about sexual assault and said that they don't know what to do when they experience unwanted sexual conduct, according to a highly anticipated campus survey released Thursday by school administrators.

Heather Tuttle

Overall, students reported they are happy with the university and their fellow students, and 97 percent of students said the school is trying hard to make sure all students are safe. But 57 percent disagreed with the statement "BYU is doing a good job of educating students about sexual assault" and three-fourths said they have not received training on the legal definition of sexual assault, how to report it and what services are available to victims.

Even more, 78 percent, said they haven't received information about the definition of consent, and 84 percent said they have not received education or training on how consent is asked for and given between partners.

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