BYU Students Take Shia LaBeouf to Provo, Share Their Experiences

by | Jun. 17, 2016


Shia LaBeouf, star of popular films such as Holes and Transformers, has made headlines in the past for his sometimes reckless and erratic behavior. However, the award-winning actor has been making headlines lately for more imaginative reasons—namely, his unique performance art piece, #TAKEMEANYWHERE.

It's basically exactly what it sounds like—LaBeouf and two companions send out their location via social media, fans rush to pick them up, and whoever gets there first gets to take them anywhere they want. Local newspapers around the country have covered the project as LaBeouf makes his way through their neighborhood, seeing the country and meeting his fans.

In late May, two BYU students traveled to Omaha, Nebraska, for the chance at picking up the hitchhiking artist. The students, Hank Hansen and Scott Daly, were recently interviewed by The Universe, BYU's school newspaper, where they shared some details of the experience.

Hansen and Daly had originally planned to pick up LaBeouf in Laramie, Wyoming—but somebody else beat them to it. However, almost a full day after leaving Utah, they caught up to the filmmaking trio at Lake McConaughy in western Nebraska. Hansen and Daly introduced themselves, but their real impression was made when Daly played an acoustic version of rap star Drake's "Hotline Bling" on the guitar.

"That is the way to make an entrance into a group!" LaBeouf said, according to The Daily Herald.

The trio wasn't accepting rides at the lake, but they told Hansen and Daly that they were on their way to Omaha. Satisfied with their experience, the students planned on going home—but when LaBeouf asked them if they'd go to Omaha, they knew their adventure wasn't over.

Long story short, they did reach LaBeouf and company in Omaha—beating about 10 other would-be chauffeurs by less than a minute. "You made it!" the trio yelled, recognizing Hansen and Daly from the lake. After mingling with LaBeouf's unluckier fans for a while, the five hit the road.

Hansen and Daly originally planned on dropping LaBeouf off in Kansas City on their way back to Provo. But then LaBeouf suggested, "What if we came with you [to Provo]? It's #TAKEMEANYWHERE." Though the other members of LaBeouf's group initially had reservations about such a long drive, Hansen eventually convinced them.

"This project isn’t about, ‘Let’s parade Shia LaBeouf around to as many people as possible,’ like he’s some kind of circus elephant," he said. "The point of this is to connect with people. If we drive to Provo, that’s an opportunity for us to connect."

And connect they did. On the second day's 14-hour car ride, Hansen and Daly agreed that the relationship shifted from celebrity/fan to friendship. "A particular dynamic is required to have fun on a 14-hour drive," Hansen said. Hansen and Daly ended up dropping off the celebrity in Spanish Fork, Utah, so he could continue his journey as a hitchhiker. 

Read more about the awesome road trip at The Daily Universe.

Lead image from The Daily Universe.
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