BYU Students' Viral Spotify Breakup Is Taking the Media by Storm

by | Apr. 10, 2017

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Bringham Young University students Kirsten Titus, 19, and Wyatt Hall, 20, are taking Twitter and national media outlets by storm with their unusually creative breakup. 

According to seventeen.com, creativity was a common thread in the former couple's relationship. 

"Wyatt and I had a goofy and light-hearted relationship," Kirsten told seventeen.com. "We went on a lot of funny and creative dates. Like, we hid meatballs in Ikea and planted a cactus on a mountain."

Kirsten also told Buzzfeed she wanted to end her relationship with Wyatt in similarly creative fashion, and in doing so, created a Spotify playlist where the song titles spelled out where she wanted their relationship to go: Do You... Still Want To Kiss Me Because I Am Kinda Lovin Someone Else But We Can Still Be Friends. 

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The Spotify breakup went viral when Kirsten's 14-year-old sister saw the playlist and posted it on Twitter. 

Though Kirsten told seventeen.com she asked her sister to take down the post, it quickly grabbed the attention of national media outlets. 

As for Wyatt, he told Buzzfeed he immediately knew what the message was about.

"I thought it was kind of funny honestly," he told Buzzfeed

According to seventeen.com, Kirsten says Wyatt is not upset about the post, "And Wyatt and I are still friends! We've hung out since I sent him the playlist and I even saw him just yesterday."

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