Best of #MormonProbs February 2016

Mormons have our own set of unique problems. Every day, Mormons everywhere take to social media to share some of their familiar and hilarious experiences as they live the Mormon life. From sacrament meeting to singles ward, here are some of our favorite #mormonprobs we can all sympathize with.

When Valentine's Day is on a Sunday. . .

#ValentinesDay in the singles ward. I'd rather be covered in meat and pushed out into a zombie apocalypse. #mormonprobs — Zach Edmonds (@BengalRunner10) February 14, 2016

We've all been there. . . 

Anyone who has been to a singles ward understands this one.

Every. Single. Time. 

So that's why church ball is so competitive. . .

Now that's a dedicated fan.

Engagements. Engagements everywhere.

That's a good way to look on the bright side.

She has her priorities right. 

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