Church Launches New Christmas Media Campaign


Today the Church is launching into the Christmas season with a brand-new media initiative titled "He is the Gift."

Using the hashtag #ShareTheGift, the campaign is intended to help members flood the earth with the tender message of God's gift of love, which came in the form of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

A new website has also been launched as part of the event, which features a video, shareable images, and other content. You are encouraged to spread this message in one of a few ways: 

1. Sharing the video

2. Take a picture of yourself with the campaign sign, telling how you commit to share God's gift of His Son

3. Share a story of a time you felt the love of God at Christmas time.

In addition to these options, special displays are planned for most Church visitor's centers as well as a major display on Times Square in New York City. Visit christmas.mormon.org for more information or watch the video below.

Comments and feedback can be sent to feedback@ldsliving.com