Church Pushing for Saints to Share New Christmas Video "A Savior Is Born"

MR says: Remember the inspiring video and message the Church released last year at Christmas, that "He Is the Gift"? This year, the Church has created another video and social media campaign, "A Savior Is Born," reminding all around the world where the light and cheer of the Christmas season really emanates from. Get ready to share this video and this message beginning November 29.

The Church is encouraging all members to view and share the video “A Savior Is Born” beginning November 29 (through the end of the year) and then to invite others to learn more about Jesus Christ by visiting christmas.mormon.org.

Members’ participation—particularly on November 29—will increase the impact of this worldwide multimedia initiative that focuses on the importance of the Savior’s birth, life, and mission.

“We live in a world where the power and influence of God in our daily lives are downplayed and dismissed and where the need for a Savior is ignored and even mocked,” says Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. “For those who are devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ, there has never been a greater need for us to profess our faith in our Savior, privately and publicly,” he says (“A Savior Is Born,” Ensign andNew Era, Dec. 2015).

Check out last year's video, or find out more about this campaign by clicking the link below.

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