Church Releases Powerful How-To YouTube Channel to Provide Help Overcoming Life's Challenges

The Church has launched a new, powerful YouTube channel for those seeking help with the simple and complex trials that exist in our world today. 

From "HOW TO—Encourage and Maintain Honest Communication When Discovering a Spouse Is a Pornography User" to "HOW TO—Adjust to Post-Mission Life," the Church's new How-To YouTube channel consists of 600 videos that provide "simple, practical help" for those facing challenges.  

“Sharing information online is a great resource that can help individuals who are dealing with problems, challenges, and adversities—whether in their own life or in their loved ones’ lives,” said Steve Peterson, managing director of the Church’s Welfare Services Department. “We know that in today’s world, when people need help with something—anything from help with a résumé, to overcoming a serious challenge—many start their search online.”

Provided to be a "one-stop channel for finding the help you need when you need it," the channel will also be reviewed and updated to fit the needs of viewers. 

“We want to be responsive to real-life temporal and spiritual needs that people have,” said Derek Westra, director of communications for Welfare Services. “We’re launching with this, and we expect that more categories will be added during the coming year.”

Not all the videos on the channel come from the Church. However, these videos have been "curated from trusted partners and then correlated and reviewed by subject matter experts in the Church," according to

The content is also meant to reach more than just the members of the Church, providing guidance for all who need it. 

"Our hope is that the Church’s How-To channel becomes a trusted resource for anyone who needs help,” Peterson said.

Watch a few of these videos below:

Lead image from the How-To YouTube Channel
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