Church Releasing Raw, Compelling Video Series on Addiction Recovery

In honor of National Addiction Recovery Month, the Mormon Channel released a powerful and raw video series which focuses on the struggles and triumphs of those working to overcome addiction.

The 12-part series focuses on the personal experience of 12 recovering addicts who share startlingly honest and real experiences of their fight to overcome addiction from drugs, alcohol, food, sex, and pornography.

“We understand there are tough challenges that families face when dealing with addiction, and we wanted to make sure we shared real stories of hope and recovery," says Todd Daly, director of the Mormon Channel. "Change is possible. These stories will inspire you no matter your circumstance.”

Each video in the series, titled "12 Steps to Change," aligns with one of the 12 steps in the Church's addiction recovery program. The first video was released on September 1, 2015. (To view other videos, click here.)

“We want people to watch the videos,” says Daley, “but we don’t want it to stop there. The goal is to get more people talking about this, so individuals and families fighting addiction can feel like they have the support they need wherever they are in the recovery process.”

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