Church Video Shares Brutally Honest Story of Bullying and Contemplating Suicide

After years of bullying that eventually turned into persistent depression, JaQuavious reached a moment in his life where he felt he couldn't continue to live. After calling his parents and over a dozen friends for help, no one answered his call. "The pain went from mentally to emotionally. I could feel it in my bones and it turned physically painful," JaQuavious says. "When I pleaded to God for help, I didn't honestly receive an answer right away. I felt the Spirit of God come upon me and say, 'You know what, just watch and see what I do.'" After that moment, JaQuavious began to see the grace of God work in his life.

Even amidst moments when JaQuavios felt "like [he was] dying on the inside," he could feel moments of love and grace that sustained him, helping him grow closer to his Savior.

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