Congress Members from 6 Faiths Share Testimonies of Prayer, Scripture, and the Hand of God

Congressman Dan Lipinski (D–Illinois), Catholic

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"My faith is a critical part of who I am, and why is that less acceptable than any other influence that people bring in? That’s the argument I always try to make: Why is my viewpoint any less acceptable than anyone else’s? Everyone comes with a worldview; mine is shaped by my faith, and hopefully my faith really is driving me. That should be accepted in the public square.

"When it comes to Bible study and a prayer partner, my wife is the primary one. I speak with her every night over the phone when I am in Washington; I can’t remember the last time I didn’t. It is something that I wouldn’t and couldn’t live without. And we pray together. . . . She is absolutely critical to everything I do."

Congressman Randy Hultgren (R–Illinois), Evangelical Christian

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"On Monday evenings, right after first votes, the Prayer Caucus, which includes more than 100 members of the House of Representatives, meets in a room just off the House floor to pray for God’s wisdom and protection and healing in our land. We humble ourselves before Him, recognizing that the problems we face are too big for us and that we need His help. We need His hand, we need His guidance and His wisdom for us to be able to address the very serious problems of this nation and this world.

"The next day, Tuesday morning, a freshman Bible study group gathers to pray together, to go through part of a scripture together, and to encourage each other. On Tuesday night I join a group of senators and representatives who meet to study the Word, and also to hold each other accountable. We have a dinner together and check in to see how we are doing in our marriages, with our families and our kids, and how we can pray for each other.

"There is a group that meets on Wednesday as well, and Thursday morning is our prayer breakfast. Every Thursday before the prayer breakfast, a group of Democrats and Republicans meet for Bible study. . . . I am so grateful for what I see God doing here on the Hill."

Congresswoman Janice Hahn (D–California), Churches of Christ

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"After I had been in Congress a couple of months, Representative Mike McIntyre (D–North Carolina) invited me to attend a weekly bipartisan prayer breakfast held every Thursday morning at eight a.m. The occasion includes singing hymns, praying for one another, and hearing about a journey of faith from one member of Congress. I enjoy attending because when we are there, we do not talk politics, and we realize that everybody has the same issues in their lives. We all face personal and family problems. Many of us have close friends or family with health issues or other struggles. But I have found that when we pray for others, it breaks down the normal political barriers we have erected.

"I think anything we can do to break down barriers and find common ground will lead to a better atmosphere in Congress, which, I hope, will lead to compromises and getting things done for the American people. That’s what this country wants—for us to come together to solve problems."

Congressman Chris Steward (R–Utah), Mormon

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"Often when we meet together, we start with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. Many times we start with a scripture as well. After hearing some of these prayers I have often thought, 'I wish the American people could have heard that prayer. If they could have heard that, they would have more faith in our future.'

"Yes, we have huge challenges ahead of us. We have to figure out how to get a few things right. But people ask me all the time if I am hopeful for our country. My answer is always the same. Of course I am! . . . The American people still care about their country. God still cares about this country. . . . And He still cares about this world.

"Knowing that God still cares, despite the enormous challenges that lay before us, I am full of faith for our future."

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