Examining Marriage Trends in Today's Culture

The family is the basic unit of any society because it is the protective shelter into which children are born. Traditional marriage is the binding force that ties a mother and a father to their children—as well as generations past, present and future. It is a powerful, stabilizing force in society. The concept that families can be formed out of any group of people is simply not correct. A family based on loosely connected individuals will be just that—loosely connected with no ties that bind them together. But a family that begins with a man and a woman committing themselves to each other for better or worse, in sickness and in health, no matter what trials and tribulations may come their way, is the family that has the power of longevity. This is the stabilizing force of our society.

Children born into the stability of a committed traditional marriage have a firm foundation upon which to build their character, their self-worth, their morals and values. They understand the power of commitment because they have seen it in their lives. They value themselves and others. And they bring all of these assets into the world with them, building a brighter future for the coming generations.

It’s time to examine marriage and the trends that are weakening it in our culture, why they are so destructive and what we can do to strengthen the traditional family.

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