Family History Missions 101

by | Jul. 24, 2014

Mormon Life

The use of the phrase “hastening the work” is quite common in the Church. Proselyting missionaries help in hastening the work, as reflected in the fact that new missions have been or will yet be created, and young people are encouraged to be worthy and may serve missions at younger ages than was originally anticipated. But in addition to missionary work and ordinance work for the living on a worldwide scale and at a quickened pace,

President Thomas S. Monson has taught that “hastening the work” includes doing the work for those who have passed beyond the veil and yearn for entrance into the fold (Ensign Magazine June 2014). For this, the Church calls and sets apart missionaries who work specifically with family history. With an increased emphasis on temple and family history initiatives, the Family History Department is looking to add more missionaries either as couples or singles.

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