Family History That Your Grandma Probably Doesn't Do

by | May 14, 2016

Mormon Life

Family History.

Just seeing the words causes so many different feelings. Joy? Stress? Guilt?

Do you do family history? My grandma does it. My mom does it. Even my dad does it. But why and how should I do it?

Elder Bednar said “I know the youth of the rising generation have a key role to play in this great endeavor” (The Hearts of The Children Shall Turn, Oct. 2011).

Uh oh… That’s us.

As a Mia Maid, one of my value projects was family history research. I enjoyed it and found it fulfilling, but didn’t keep doing it after I got my required hours (oops).

In college I did some indexing. Once.

Now, as a young adult, my family has become genealogy OBSESSED. My dad was called as the ward family history leader, then the stake family history leader. We all attend family history conferences. My sister documents family history using her photography talents, and my brother is working on a family history app. Needless to say, with my family, it is family history all the time.

So, now to the good stuff. Based off of what I’ve learned from the many more qualified people in my life, here are my ideas on how you and I can get involved.

Treat family history like social media.

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