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Tim Allen Speaks Out Against The Book of Mormon Musical

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Image from the Deseret News

“I almost walked out of The Book of Mormon musical. I found that horrible. I don’t think it was funny at all," Tim Allen said in an interview with the Deseret News in 2017. The popular comedian spoke of the musical as "troubling" and "mean-spirited," noting that a production presenting any other faith in a similar way would not have happened. Allen, who was a religious studies and philosophy major, says he has great respect for other religions and understands when a joke takes things too far, according to the Deseret News.

About the Church's response to this production, Allen said, "It shows a level of class. . . . I mean, there wasn’t any blowback from the Mormons.”

In fact, Allen even joked about considering joining the Church after touring Temple Square and learning about the Latter-day Saint pioneers and Church history. “This is amazing—I’m going to become Mormon,” he quipped before sharing a joke about the gold plates. 

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