The Hymn President Nelson Wrote + the Favorite Hymns of All 17 Latter-day Prophets

John Taylor

Possibly "Go, Ye Messengers of Glory" & "Go, Ye Messengers of Heaven"

Favorite Hymns of All 16 Latter-day Prophets

Photo from history.lds.org

While history has not recorded President John Taylor's favorite hymn, it does note he was well-known for his singing voice and love of music. In fact, he wrote the lyrics to two of today's current hymns: "Go, Ye Messengers of Glory" and "Go, Ye Messengers of Heaven."

These two hymns both reflect President Taylor's fervor for missionary work. At the time he penned them, he was serving as a missionary in Britain. His efforts there would bring thousands of souls to a knowledge of the truth. 

Later, President Taylor also served as an editor for the 1840 hymnal, and he likely enjoyed much of the music included therein. 

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