For Anyone Who Has Ever Felt You Weren't Enough, You Need to See This Music Video by GENTRI

"Loneliness. Self-doubt. Anxiety. Fear. These are just a few of the emotional building blocks we use to build barricades that separate us from the very people who long to help us heal. As we retreat, others can use the wrecking balls of patience, kindness, and love to break through our barriers of isolation," GENTRI writes about their latest music video on their Facebook page. 

Watch this inspiring new original song from GENTRI below.

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After GENTRI's original Christmas mashup of "What Child Is This?" with "I Wonder As I Wander" hit No. 1 on the Billboard hot singles chart last year, their first full Christmas album, two years in the making, has been highly anticipated. Check out their album Finding Christmas and see for yourself!

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