Former New York Model Launches LDS Temple Dress Company

Rosemary Card never attended fashion design school, but during a two-year stint as a New York model, Card worked with well-known designers, including Jill Stuart, as they tailored their apparel. She watched and listened and noticed what made clothing fit. She also walked catwalks throughout the world, modeling the latest in high fashion. But Card is now devoting her time to a different kind of fashion: a line of LDS temple dresses.

There may be those who consider Card unprepared or unqualified for such an endeavor, but Card, a 26-year-old living in Salt Lake City, confidently responds to that concern just as she responds to every other question.

“I’m probably not 100 percent qualified, but in this life, if we wait to be 100 percent qualified for anything, we’re never going to do it,” Card said. “I’ve tried really hard to raise my hand for opportunities. Am I qualified? No, but I know how to ask questions, and I know how to find mentors, and I know how to figure it out along the way.”

Lead image from Deseret News.
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