GENTRI's Latest Music Video Shows Why Family Matters Most

Take away the distractions, and what's left? "Nothing but you," according to GENTRI's latest song, one that shows the nature of true love.

While GENTRI's latest music video focuses on how fame means little without the people in our lives, the words from this song can apply to each one of us, famous or not. With technology, the drive to succeed, social media, and so many other distractions tugging at us daily, what do we really allow to guide our choices? What do we value most?

GENTRI shares on their Facebook page: "Few things in life are more exciting than the rush of walking on stage in front of hundreds - even thousands of screaming fans, but what happens when you take away the spotlight? Our latest original song and music video, "Nothing But You," . . . speaks to the importance of relationships with friends and family that endure long after the spotlight fades."

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