Get Food Storage for Only $1 Per Serving

Wise Company specializes in producing dehydrated and freeze-dried long-term food storage for emergency use. Wise has differentiated itself by packaging the food in small-serving mylar pouches with up to a 25 year shelf life. This innovative packaging system prevents waste and allows the consumer to eat what they want when they want it. The pouches come in buckets that are easily stackable for efficient storage, but simple and light enough to grab a bucket or two and go quickly when necessary. Wise Company offers 13 entrée and 4 breakfast varieties along with eggs, milk, meat, fruits, and vegetables as well. Wise also carries an array of high quality ancillary preparedness products such as water storage containers, water filters, and fuel sources. One can also find emergency kits (“bug out bags”) that include emergency food and critical preparedness items.

Whether you are looking to start, supplement, or replace your food storage, Wise is the convenient and inexpensive solution. With nutritional, great-tasting meals as low as $1 per serving and taking only 15 minutes to prepare, Wise has taken some of the toughest obstacles out of the way when preparing for the unexpected.

Be Wise. Be Ready. Request your free sample today by calling 866-319-4175 or visiting Wise Company online at www.wisefoodstorage.com.

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