Gospel Lessons Hidden in 'The Polar Express' Shared By Sister Carole M. Stephens

Watching the movie “The Polar Express” recently with her grandson, Sister Stephens was reminded of the importance of trusting the still, small voice of the Spirit. One of the movie’s characters, a young girl, always seemed to know the right thing to do but questions from others often led her to feel doubt. S

haring a video clip from the movie with the audience, Sister Stephens said the young girl in the movie felt like she should take a cup of hot chocolate to a boy sitting all by himself. As she attempted to do what she thought was right, other kids expressed their opinions that leaving their seats was not allowed or against safety regulations. The young girl said, “I think I’ll be OK.” Then the question came, “Are you sure?”

“Are you sure?” said Sister Stephens. “At times, even a small, simple question can cause us to doubt ourselves and weaken our resolve.” Sometimes the doubts come from the adversary and sometimes they come from within as people challenge in their minds what they know to be true in their hearts.

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