Hilarious Twitter Reactions to Heinz's Attempt to Steal and Market Fry Sauce as "Mayochup"

Thanks to Fox 13 News for making us aware of this crucial fry sauce fiasco.

Okay, Heinz may think they've invented "Mayochup" (a.k.a. fry sauce) in 2018, but let's be clear: Utahns and Idahoans have had this condiment down for decades.

In fact, it was a Mormon who invented this delicious condiment. Here's a little background on this cultural phenomenon from our 2012 spring LDS Living magazine:

In 1924, Don Carlos Edwards set up a small food stand at a Pioneer Day celebration in Utah. Over the next few years, he carted his stand from carnival to carnival, and when his food became more popular, Edwards set up a small business he called Don Carlos Bar-B-Q. Eventually, the restaurant became what we know today as Arctic Circle. Edwards enjoyed experimenting with food, and some of his achievements include the Ranch Burger, a burger with ranch seasoning, and the Brown Topper, a chocolate-dipped ice cream cone. But his most-loved invention is fry sauce. Edwards began experimenting with potential burger sauces sometime in 1940 and created what he called “pink sauce.” The sauce consisted of mayonnaise, ketchup, and dill pickle juice, though Arctic Circle has since added other secret ingredients. Although it was originally intended for burgers, Edwards must have dipped a fry in the sauce at some point over the next three years, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Clearly, both Utahns and Idahoans hold proudly to this condiment, and visitors who encounter fry sauce are usually astounded by its deliciousness. Like comedian Jim Gaffigan, who told the Deseret News during his 2016 visit to Utah, "When I perform in Salt Lake, even outside the fry sauce, there’s a communication there that is very much a conversation." 

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So, understandably, there has been some conversation surrounding "Mayochup" and fry sauce as of late. Here are just a few hilarious responses from Twitter. 

Lead image from Heinz Ketchup Twitter
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