What the "King of Clean" Comedian Jim Gaffigan Has to Say About Mormons, Utah, and Fry Sauce


Dubbed the "King of Clean" by the Wall Street Journal, it's no wonder comedian Jim Gaffigan does well in Utah.

A devout Catholic, Gaffigan avoids crass or profane humor in his shows.

“I write all my material with my wife, so when we construct a show it’s a reflection of what we’re about and everything, and I think that makes sense to people in Utah,” Gaffigan told the Deseret News.

And Utahns love it, with his most recent show on December 2, 2016, already sold out and a second show scheduled for December 9, 2016, to meet popular demand.

All this excitement is not one-sided, though, as Gaffigan told the Deseret News he's “selfishly" excited to perform in Salt Lake City twice in one month and most of that reason is to get some fry sauce. 

With his family of seven, clean comedy, and love of Salt Lake City and fry sauce, Gaffigan has acquired a large following of Mormons, though that's not what he expected.

"It's not like I had some elaborate plan like, if I get rid of the curse words, I can get the Mormons [on my side]," he told Boise Weekly. "[It] was literally a function of 'I'm writing jokes about bacon and escalators. Is it necessary to curse?'"

Regardless, Gaffigan's Mormon following even creeps into his jokes. "I've even joked that I look like a Mormon," he told Salt Lake Tribune. He has even brought up Mormons while on national TV, during his appearance on Conan.

We look forward to more mentions of fry sauce and other aspects of Mormon culture as Gaffigan continues to visit Salt Lake City. 

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