How I Came to Love God’s Will

As I reflect on the new year, something significant has come to my realization: I have no idea what I’m doing with my life…but God sure does. A year ago I was enjoying the severe winds and frozen tundra-like climate that is Rexburg, Idaho. I had just been endowed a few weeks prior (another thing I didn’t think I would do for a long time). I was serving as the Director of Communication for an organization I loved. This position was an absolute dream to me. It was something I had been hoping and praying to be offered for years. I was absolutely sure Winter 2014 was gonna be MY TERM.

Then crazy struck. A blow to my physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health was dealt that left me crying in bed for hours, contemplating the various ways I could take my own life. I had never been suicidal before, but that was certainly a low point in my life. I somehow rebounded enough to dry my eyes, grab my temple bag, and do a session with a close friend of mine.

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