I'm Not a Perfect Mom & the Moment That Made Me Realize That's a Good Thing

What powerful insights: "Our best mothering happens when we mother authentically-not when we’re trying to do it like someone else. So relax. Don’t force it. . . . Although you aren’t perfect. You ARE their perfect mother."

Last Valentine's Day I was feeling blue.

I saw the fun things my friends were doing with their kids--throwing valentine tea parties, making sugar cookies, and serving red and pink meals.

And I was wishing I was that kind of mom.

I don't craft, I'm not a great baker, and I’ve never hosted a tea party. But I wanted to make this particular Valentine’s special, and I started to feel sad that my kids didn't have a cutesy, crafty mom.

On Valentine’s night, after our plain, normal colored dinner, we sat in living room while my kids dug through their valentine loot (pointing out that I was THE only mom that didn’t attach candy to their valentines. See?).

But then something happened.

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