In new #HearHim video, Elder Cook shares how he often receives significant revelation from the Holy Ghost

by | Jun. 25, 2021

In the latest “How I #HearHim” video, Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shares how he often receives guidance from the Holy Ghost.

“When you’re serving others and you need to bless somebody else . . . that’s when the Holy Ghost most often bears witness. . . . My experience: it does come, and I can hear His voice for those kind of things in a way that gives me the guidance that I need,” he says.

Elder Cook shares a personal experience when, as a bishop under a time crunch, he was able to quickly receive inspiration from the Holy Ghost on how to counsel a couple in need. He also testified that revelation will come if we are steadily committed to serve and bless others and when we actively try to hear the voice of the Lord.

Watch the video below.

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