JRNL.com Announces New Features

JRNL.com, an online app that merges technology and journaling, providing users with the ability to record meaningful content quickly and easily, is pleased to announce their newest features; Share Extensions, Social Media Importing, and Enhanced Email to JRNL. These enhancements to JRNL are the first of many that will allow easier content collection from multiple sources and enhanced collaboration.

“These updates to JRNL are just the beginning,” Nick Jones, Founder of JRNL, said. “We are working toward a much more versatile site that will allow for content creation in multiple ways. We want to make it easy to add to your JRNL however you like, whether that is pulling in content already on social media, having friends and family email into a specific journal, or using share extensions to add a batch of photos instantaneously. We want to make it as convenient as possible for our users.”

JRNL’s Share Extensions allow users to insert a selection of photos, up to 50 at a time, into an entry in their default journal. Users can also add text to the entry from the share extension window, or by editing the entry once it is in their JRNL account. Users also have the ability to move the entry into a different journal by editing the entry from the site or mobile app.

“JRNL Share Extensions makes it so easy to quickly upload a handful of pictures, or more, into a journal entry,” Steve Reed, Co-Founder of JRNL, said. “I use it all the time to remind me of what I did that day, and then often go back and edit the entry with a more complete story.”

JRNL’s Social Media Importing currently allows users to pull in content from their Instagram account and populate a JRNL entry. Users can import Instagram entries one at a time, or import multiple entries, into a JRNL entry. JRNL plans to expand their Social Media Importing to include Facebook, Twitter, and others.  

“Social Media Importing is a huge enhancement for us,” Amy Veloz, Director of Communications for JRNL, said. “We have had many users requesting this feature since we launched and we are excited to be able to provide this for them. It allows them to collect content they may have posted years ago, and add it to their journal, giving it more permanence.”

JRNL’s Enhanced Email to JRNL feature allows users to now email into any journal in their account. Users can create an unlimited number of journals, and each journal will be given a unique email address that can be sent content and it will be parsed into that specific journal. Before this enhancement, users could only email into their default journal.

“We have had many missionary moms asking for this feature,” Jones said. “They wanted to create a journal for their children on their mission, with their weekly emails, that they could print into a book and have ready for them when they returned home. With this feature, they no longer have to go in and edit which journal the entry lives in. It will automatically go into the specified journal, and their child can even email it in directly.”

These new features have followed JRNL’s Sharing feature, which allows users to share entries on a one-on-one basis or with a group, allowing for commenting to complete their story. JRNL has many more enhancements coming down the pipe. Make sure to visit jrnl.com to sign up for your free account now, to learn more about these features and begin creating your own life memories.

“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for users to capture their life memories and preserve them for posterity,” Jones added. “Because, simply put, Life is worth recording.”

For more information on JRNL, visit jrnl.com.


JRNL is a private journaling application designed for both web and mobile use. For more information on JRNL, visit jrnl.com. Get the latest updates on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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