July 2013 Sharing Time: Family Shield

by | Jun. 28, 2013

Lesson Helps


Preparation: Print out some pictures of some ancient family coat of arms (see samples attached). Copy enough blank shields for each child. Have crayons available.

Presentation: Show the pictures of the coat of arms to the children.


Explain that a long time ago, many families had a symbol for their family called a coat of arms. Each family’s coat of arms was different. The pictures on it would tell something about that family. They might symbolize their qualities such as bravery, patience, faith, or friendship. Some pictures might represent what they did for a living such as sailors, noblemen, millers, or knights. Other pictures represented things like water, land, or plants and might tell things that had happened to that family like a voyage or good harvest.

These symbols were put on their coats and shields, so it was used to cover, protect, and identify the wearer.

Tell the children that they are going to create their own family coat of arms. On it they should draw some things that are important to their family. Give each child a blank shield.


In the top section of their shield have the children draw their family. They can draw their family as it is now, or the family they want to have when they are grown. In the bottom left section have the children draw something that represents one thing they like to do with their family (pray, play games, ride bikes, eat dinner, etc.) In the bottom right section have the children draw the temple they would like to get married in someday. Allow the children time to draw.

Invite a few children to share what they have drawn on their shields. As they do so, help reinforce the idea that Heavenly Father wants us to be in a family, and that our families help teach us and protect us. Emphasize that the temple makes it so our families can be together forever, and that should be a goal for each of us.

During singing time, sing songs that reinforce the concepts taught, such as “Families Can Be Together Forever,” Children’s Songbook, p. 188, “The Family,” Children’s Songbook, p. 194, “I Love to See the Temple,” Children’s Songbook, p. 95; or “Happy Family,” Children’s Songbook, p. 198.

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