LDS Artist Kenneth Cope Spends 17 Years Creating Christ's Life in Musical Masterpiece

Kenneth Cope is best known for his stunning song "His Hands" from his album Greater Than Us All. But now Cope is raising funds to produce a new album about the life of Christ that is 17 years in the making.

In 1989, Kenneth Cope created an album that captured his testimony of the Savior at the time, one that Mormons across the world have come to cherish and love, Greater Than Us All

"After 10 more years of life experience, along with intense reflection, study, and prayer, my love for and understanding of the Savior had increased to such a degree that I wanted to say more. I wanted to go much deeper," Cope says.

So in 1999 Kenneth Cope embarked on creating a new album 17 years in the making, Son of Man, one that "gives us a much richer experience. It not only immerses us in some of the lives of His most beloved companions, it also gives us lots of glimpses into Jesus’ life from the inside—a view of His thoughts and motives, what’s important to Him—and why He wants to rescue us so passionately," Cope shares.

"Often, over the past 17 years, I’ve found myself pleading with God that I might be blessed to make Son of Man what it should be," Cope continues. "But I’ve also felt in a very real way my limitations. Could I find the heavenly songs?"

In fact, after years of pondering what stories he wanted to tell and create, Cope says,

"I remember pleading with the Lord in tears—I remember the moment, I remember where I was in my house—I vocally cried: 'O, Father, will I be able to do this? Will it ever be as powerful as I desire?' And I picked up my scriptures and randomly opened them, and immediately, like lightning, these words jumped into my view and mind, as with pure intelligence, from the top of the left-hand page: '….behold, when ye shall come unto me, ye shall write them' (Ether 3:22)."

And I wept for joy, knowing that the Lord had heard and answered my prayer!

In order to create this musical masterpiece as he envisions, Cope has started a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the $170,000 needed for the project. But the catch is if he can't raise the money by the campaign's deadline, November 23, all the pledges will be refunded.

“Sure, it’s a risk, but it’s something I feel I must try,” Cope says. “I’ve been working on this musical for so long, it’s time to get it done, and I can’t let the fear of failure stop me now.”

In creating this music, Cope has discovered he cannot write or compose unless he is "in tune with the flow of spiritual light—when my spirit feels alive and connected to heavenly whisperings." Though he acknowledges he could not have written a piece this authentic and rich "if I had not first suffered the things I have suffered. Affliction, sorrow, forsakenness, loneliness, failure, brokenness, etc., all bring an expansion to the heart that allows us to have authentic empathy."

"I have tried with Son of Man to create an image of Christ in flesh that represents His divinity and power, as well as His approachableness and humanity," Cope continues. "We see a Savior who loves, who finds joy in the human soul, who dances with His brothers . . . and who makes the most out of His earthly experience."

Learn more about this project from Kenneth Cope's Kickstarter campaign, or click through to the second page to read his full interview.

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