LDS Actress Gives Moms a Much-Needed Challenge in Hilarious Video

LDS actress Lisa Valentine Clark knows how to connect with busy moms—probably because she is one. After her first ad for Chatbooks went viral, receiving over four million views, the company decided to follow up with a few others.

But the most recent video adds a little something that the others lacked—a challenge all moms need to hear. Because while we love taking pictures and documenting our family life, often we take ourselves out of the picture. And that's got to stop. Years from now, we are going to want to have those memories, something this funny video reminds us about.

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For more hilarious insights from Lisa Valentine Clark, check out her book and audiobook, Real Moms: Making It Up As We Go.

As moms, we improvise. We get along. We make things word. And we make a lot of things up as we go along because, let’s face it, no manual is ever going to cover all the bases a real mom needs to touch. But if laughter and perspective and a renewed energy to face the day are what you’re after—if you too are a “real mom”—this is the book for you!

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