LDS Artist Creates Delicious Masterpieces Painting with Chocolate

MR says: What a creative and appetizing way to redefine yourself and your artwork!

Pest control branding and a National Weather Museum logo design. A unique violinist insignia and a chocolate syrup painting of a Coca-Cola bottle. These are only a small look into the unique work of artist Brian Collier.

Collier, a recent BYU grad from the BFA graphic design program, pushed through what some may consider failures to find success. In fact, when Collier recounts the experiences, he doesn’t consider them failures at all.

“To fail is not to be a failure; to quit trying is to be a failure,” Collier said.

Collier paints Coca-Cola bottle with chocolate syrup at Provo Art Stroll. Local artist and BYU grad Brian Collier excels in graphic design. (Brian Collier)

Collier grew up drawing and painting and in high school had the opportunity to attend a summer art program hosting 600 students. Collier was one of 40 students accepted to study visual arts at the summer program.

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Images from Digital Universe.
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