Emotional Videos: LDS Author Tries to Reconnect Homeless Man to Children, Adopted Mormon to Birth Mother

New York Times bestselling author Jason F. Wright has been using his public fan page on Facebook to do something unique: reconnect families.

Recently, Wright has been changing the way we view those who are sometimes ignored in our communities by giving rides to the homeless, to hitchhikers, and to friends and asking questions about their lives.

While every person and video has a powerful story to tell, recently Wright has been using these videos and his fame as a way to bring families together.

Bruce, who became homeless after having a stroke last year, has five children, two of whom passed away. "What I would say to my children is I love you. You don't ever talk to me anymore, but that doesn't mean that I'm not your dad and I don't love you because I think about you constantly," Bruce says in the video. "You guys are all I have and that's all I want are you guys. I wish I still had contact with you." 

Wright posted this video to Facebook with a message for Bruce's family to reach out so he could reconnect them with their father.

Bruce has only lived one year on the streets, an experience that is new and strange to him. But Bruce has learned some life-changing lessons during this time, saying the most important lesson has been, "meeting new people and learning that there are good people out there. I never took the time to do that before, but nowadays I do take time."

This week, Wright interviewed his longtime friend Todd, who shared a prompting that he received after watching one of Wright's videos. "I felt very strongly inspired . . . that Todd, you need to find your birth mother," Todd says.

After speaking to his adoptive mother, Todd received nothing but support as she told him, "If the Lord is telling you in your mind to find your birth mother, then there must be a reason for it."

Todd says he knows nothing of his birth mother other than she requested he be adopted by an LDS family, "which I am grateful for every day. . . . I just feel really motivated spiritually to reach out to her and offer solace." 

Now, Todd, Wright, and friends they've made on Facebook are doing what they can to help reconnect these family members.

Lead image from Facebook
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