LDS Brothers Attend Church While Competing on National TV, Despite It Hurting Their Chances

by | Oct. 09, 2015

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Season 6 of Food Network's reality competition program "The Great Food Truck Race" came to an end Sept. 27, with Provo's Waffle Love being edged out by Pho-nomenal Dumplings from Raleigh, North Carolina, for the show's grand prize of $50,000.

This season, "The Great Food Truck Race" pitted seven professional food trucks in a race across Route 66 that spanned from the Santa Monica Pier in California to Chicago.

Waffle Love founder Adam Terry and his brothers, who come from "a big Mormon family of 14 kids," were able to practice their faith as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while on the road. Twice during the competition, the Waffle Love brothers made the controversial decision to attend church during two of the food challenges, while the rest of the teams continued to compete.

“We didn’t know that they were going to (have us) selling on Sundays," Adam Terry said in an interview for the Deseret News. "In our home business, ... we’re never open on Sundays because we believe that Sunday is not a day for business."

Lead image from Deseret News.
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