LDS Couple Funds Kickstarter to Create Worldwide, Interfaith Bible Study

by | Aug. 14, 2015

Mormon Life

Many hold the Holy Bible very close to their hearts, and with good reason. The book is a tremendous source of spiritual, emotional, and intellectual power for people of faith around the world. However, our passion for scripture is not without its downsides. With so many religious ideologies adopting the Bible as their sacred text, it stands to reason that doctrinal differences will undoubtedly arise.

Too often, this creates a culture of Bible-bashing where there should be Bible-meshing. As religion's influence lessens in the public square, it becomes exponentially more important for Christians to build on the common ground of faith in the Savior.

That's what prompted Josh and Sarah Sabey to create a Kickstarter campaign for their project, "everyword." According to them, here's how it works:

"This project attempts to increase interfaith interaction and cohesion by creating a crowdsourced study Bible. The website works like this: users are able to annotate the scriptures with their own insights, interpretations, as well as videos, music, books, or other relevant resources. These annotations will be publicly visible, and any registered member may then use them to enhance their own study. Results may be filtered by religion, author, medium, and so on.
By crowdsourcing Biblical commentary, everyword seeks to bring people of diverse faiths and perspective together in a common goal and allow them to support one another in the most basic of Christian habits—scripture study. The power of the project, we believe, is just this: Nothing breaks down barriers, fills in trenches, or curbs animosity so well as working side by side towards a common goal."

So far, the project has raised over $5,000--but every cent still counts. If you feel inclined to contribute to the spirit of constructive interfaith interaction, you can visit the Josh and Sarah's Kickstarter page here.

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