LDS Family Shares the Secrets to Traveling the World with 3 Small Children in Tow

Most parents sidestep large-scale traveling adventures when their children are still in diapers, but not this LDS family. "The Get Up and Go Family," as they are known on Instagram, have traveled to places like Egypt, Thailand, and Paris with three small children in tow. How do they do it? Here are a few of their travel secrets they shared with marsandstarsbaby.com

How do you structure your days to make travel enjoyable for each member of your family, and how have things changed after having kids?  

Jared shares that they travel just as much if not more, but the pace of travel is what changed the most. “We have to do a slower pace. We can’t just run off and do whatever we want like take pictures for six hours.” Well, that’s fair, but how do they actually spend their days? “We don’t try to do too much. We don’t try to see everything and make a long list of the things we have to see. If the kids are having a bad day and we can only get out for two hours – we’re okay with that. So change the pace and take it one day at a time – that’s important for us.” 

Another important piece of advice is to cooperate. “We pay attention to what’s going on with the kids, we made decisions together, we communicate, but with the day-to-day – I cooperate with her.”

Lead image from @thegetupandgofamily

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