LDS Family of 2-Year-Old Boy Hit by Car Are Turning Their Tragedy into Hope for Other Children

The LDS family of Levi Sampson, a 2-year-old boy from Spanish Fork, Utah, who was hit by a car last week, are turning their tragedy into a way to share hope with others. 

Colt and CC Sampson, Levi's parents, started the charity Live for Levi shortly after their son was killed last Wednesday when a neighbor was backing out of her driveway and did not see Levi as he was riding his bike behind the car. 

Though they lost their son in a tragic accident, Colt and CC hope to raise $30,000 for Primary Children's Hospital with their Live for Levi charity so that other children might receive the care they need. 

The couple told Good4Utah that the idea for the charity stemmed from their oldest daughter, who was born with gastroschisis, a birth defect where some organs are outside of the body, and received treatment from Primary Children's. 

"They made her whole again and we've always said, 'How can we ever repay these beautiful people that have saved our baby?' and this is our chance," CC told Good4Utah

The couple hopes to raise $30,000 by July 28, what would have been Levi's third birthday, to help provide other treatments to children at the hospital through their website liveforlevi.org and their Facebook page Live for Levi.

"We can hide and we can sink and we can go to the lowest depths or we can pay it forward and move on and honor him by the way we live," Colt told Good4Utah

Lead image from Good4Utah.com
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